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So what is this malarkey you might ask?  Well, you are looking at a little corner of the web I’ve staked out, roped off, and call my own.  I am Mark Serrahn, just an average guy with some basic HTML skills, enough Photoshop knowledge to be dangerous if captured by the Chinese...  

I have nothing too exciting to say: that is, no manifesto to post in order to rally the masses, no superpowers to fight crime with, and what the hell...I drive a Taurus.  Most of the year, that is.

Yes, a friggin' Taurus.

The shame, the shame...!

You see, I was in sales for a long time (far too long) and the mighty Ford Taurus is pretty much the standard issue sales car. I've gone to bid presentations (basically a meeting in which the seller invites anyone and everyone who might want a shot at whoring themselves out as the lowest bidder on whatever) in which the parking lot was full of twenty identical Taurui (my plural for Taurus of course) and one mini-van. We'd point and laugh at the poor guy with the mini-van, who would of course desperately try to explain that his Taurus was in the shop yet again because the damn fan died and neither the heat or air conditioning would work. Well, they'd work but the fan wouldn't push out the air, you see. Anyway, we would all point and laugh while the guy (let's call him Robert, Bob for short - good ol' typical sales guy name, of course!) would try to laugh and play it off as "had to drive the wife's car" but we'd all know he was dead inside.

Of course, secretly we were grateful that it was not one of us--at least not this time.

Although, while it is basically the picture of a generic car you'd see next to "automobile" in the dictionary, it's served me well and other than a few minor hiccups, and has run like a champ, so you know what? I'm going to give the Taurus some kudos - go Taurus, go Taurus, it's your birthday, not for real, just for play play!

I'm no longer in sales (thankfully) and moved from being an apartment dweller several years ago to owning my own home that is almost new and in fantastic condition, situated in the wonderful town of Brighton, Michigan. Well, technically the mortgage company probably owns it, but's a little strange to think about such things as mortgages and tax-benefits after so many years of paying the local lord for the joy of share cropping, but it's very good.

Anyway, as I'm not a fan of overly self-indulgent webpages so what you see is what you get, kids.  For anyone who is trying to track me down, feel free to contact me on Facebook.

Mark Serrahn